Trio Max(Rus), Josef Svejk, RC (Er Sardo)_Evergreen

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    • Trio Max(Rus), Josef Svejk, RC (Er Sardo)_Evergreen

      Trio: Max(Rus), Josef Svejk, RC (Er Sardo)_Evergreen are not allowed to playing on the MTB servers. (group of three predominantly deathmatch players).

      MTB servers trying to maintain its fun for everyone. Fair play aspect is number #1 for us. Max(Rus), Josef Svejk, RC (Er Sardo)_Evergreen alias non stop insulting, provocations, glitching, etc. If not. They have literally playing at the edge of the rules. That's what MTB have not welcome and is built up for.

      Intercept and prevent the movement for everyone of them is necessary to maintain a clean game.

      ban is not standing, if will be admitted that they will play fair play under MTB rules and that they confirm they read it and are conscious about them.


      MTB Server Rules for Hidden & Dangerous 2

      For them it suffices just an: Yes, Yes
      *in text form somewhere (Forum for example) or direct to the MTB administators
      *Max(Rus), Josef Svejk, RC (Er Sardo)_Evergreen players will be informed about that

      this all just for assurance some that some of servers has an Rules and that what someone do somwhere without punishment is not allowed somewhere else.
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