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    • Kubla has been banned for extreme bugusing.

      Kubla without exception, always playing in bugs positions [RpR Josua Deathmatch] (lying in the doors & intentionally using very unfair trenches bug etc.) but if there is a moment where its not a true (for examples: he is playing in big occupation maps with vehicles included, like: Africa 2, Czech 6) then is not very uncommon to see him steal all enemies vehicles and preparing the map zone very not welcomed for upcoming joined players. Players, who would joining ongoing server at least might wish an fair play game at the beginning of the round. But want change from Mr. Kubla, that's what never happens. As he said many times.

      Banned: 25. 12. 2017 on the MTB server

      Time of unban: after an agreement by him that he will not play as he usually does. Otherwise ban is an permanent.
      Though, he said to me in past times, he will always play as he want everytime I chatting with him. (Sad for him then).

      banned by: DanJ
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