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    • Gt has been banned on 8.10.2017 for intentional teamkilling (this includes not only team mates, but also vital objective NPCs). The ban will last 7 days, and will be lifted on 15.10.2017

      The evidence of his violation can be seen on the video:

      In case of further violation (after the ban will expire) will result in a more serious punishment.

      banned by: Lejonet
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    • ~(Dark)~ Matro is Banned for using (TABLES) automatic shotgun with more than 2 bullets in chamber. Probably an modification of Benelli from Shayox or something else.
      He used it for long time with killing many players at the Josua Deathmatch server versus more than 5 players currently played at there. So that couldn't happen an mistake from him.

      The MTB servers will not tolerate any kind of these players - which even if its outside of our servers. MTB is not possibilities to play and abusing that you can playing somewhere fair and somewhere not.

      Banned: 16. 10. 2017
      Time of unban: - 31.10. 2017

      Banned by: DanJ
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    • Players: CrazyJokerCZ & hard jak pyca

      hard jak pyca

      banned for playing intentionally outside of playzone / playing with teammates at the deathmatch server / using vulgar names, see: phrase (hard jak pyca, (puss*) and an don't care behaving from both of them.

      Video evidence:

      Banned: 19.11.2017, at the MTB Deathmatch server

      Time of unban: 30. 11. 2017

      banned by: DanJ
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    • Rs_Emy (Updated)

      Rs_Emy has been banned for violation MTB H&D2 rules.
      In cases: Being constantly AFK on the server. Trolling in category: using only nades & playing rambo style at co-op servers & corrupt the immersions for others by playing stupidly (killing yourself just for own fun & playing wolf style when you could to keep cooperate with the team

      this behavior is not uncommon for Emy. Ban will be longer than usual.
      Emy was already educated and acquainted what is the offense and what not in the past.

      see also: Spoiler, #the past conversation about totally same case at the

      Banned: 30.11.2017, at the MTB Co-op server

      • Time of unban: January 28, 2018 February 4, 2018

      Emy, though he is banned, constantly joining MTB servers with different IP, just for staying in queue (his known AFK everywhere).
      Although he make a registration here on MTB forum, nevertheless he doesn't make any single word. The same applies at the skype.

      The Ban is because of this prolongs. Emy can now find little more time for realized what he should do instead of what he doing right now.

      the last skype conversation:

      Imgur: The magic of the Internet

      banned by: DanJ
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      Player: ASAD ASDSALGERMAN from Poland,

      playing outside the map with other players at the server included there, (intentionally corrupt game for other)

      banned: 17. 1. 2018 (DanJ) at the [MTB] | sniper only server

      Unban: unspecified (Don't saw from him to this day any apologies but neither information of playing under ban)
      Unbanned IP ban, IP/ranges ban today at 27.1.2018)

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